Get Ready to Become Expansive!...

𝐀𝐰𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐑 𝐃𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐅𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐩𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫!

Welcome, powerful womxn!

You are here, not by accident, but by design.

Because you've felt a deep awakening in your soul, & you are ready to:

△ Free yourself from subconscious programming, & deep core wounds that have stoppered your intimacy & kept you stuck in toxic relationships & patterns

△ Fall so deeply in love with every part of who you are (yes, even the body parts, or parts of self you feel embarrassed or repulsed by) that you can enjoy an orgasmic life of deep pleasure & abundant expansion

△ Take up space, confidently, honor your true voice, & delight in your authentic expression of Divinely Feminine magic & magnetism

You are here because you are ready to awaken YOUR Divine Feminine Power so you can create a radiant life filled with love, abundance & fulfillment!

& I am here for it! - I AM HERE FOR YOU!!!

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Jennifer S.

Working with Sapha literally changed my life in a matter of days!

Not weeks or months, but DAYS!

Her ability to get right to the root of the problem with such insight and compassion is truly astonishing.

There were moments when I felt like I was talking to The Goddess herself.

In every moment I felt safe and held and heard in ways that I never felt with any therapist I had ever worked with in the past.

This is truly heart-centered work, which I have come to understand is the only way to really heal trauma.

Thank you, Sapha, endlessly.

You have helped me break chains of trauma I never thought could be broken in this lifetime.

Krysta T.

I don't even know where to begin expressing my gratitude for Sapha.

My life has been completely transformed in the months since we began this journey together, and the magic has been so potent that those around me have begun to notice and comment on the changes they see in me.I feel lighter and brighter. I feel more connected, more centered, more grounded, and more embodied. I feel empowered, equipped, confident and capable. I have learned so many lessons that have been integral to my growth and healing, and I have become so much more observant and aware of my own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It feels as though I am viewing life through a completely different lens these days, and I am loving what I see. Not only that, but I am finally stepping into my power and authority to create what I want to see. 10/10 I would recommend working with Sapha in whatever capacity is accessible to you. She is a loving witness, a gentle observer, a wise teacher, and an experienced traveler of the shadow realm. Her powerful energy and gift for guidance will no doubt change your life for the better.

Hayley R.

Sapha changed my life in 4 months.

I was never one to admit to anyone I had trauma but I did and it was buried so deeply and affecting me on so many levels.

Sapha made me feel seen and comfortable enough to talk about these things. I never once felt judged.

Sapha helped me see my worth and guided me in loving myself. She saw me like no other person has and was able to help me because of it.

I have so many new tools and new beliefs to benefit me on my journey.

She has done so much for me and I will forever be grateful.  

My 1:1 mentorship is unlike anything you've experienced before


I don’t have an agenda or specific “steps” for you to follow

I am not a therapist, so I am decidedly not here to diagnose or treat you in that manner

& I am not here to judge, approve (or disapprove) of, validate, or baby you

You don't need any of that...

Womxn, I KNOW you are a badass Goddess!

What I am here to do, is help you remember your deepest truth, so you can calibrate to your highest, most expansive self!

I am here to help you amplify YOUR SOULFUL GODDESS power so you can become a veritable magnet for love, abundance & fulfillment in all areas of your life!

I am here to hold safe space for you

To tough love you a little when needed

& to share with you the tools YOUR spirit needs in order to become fully EMBODIED.

Working with me will help you:

𓆃 Integrate Your Divine Feminine Essence (YOUR Soulful Goddess)

𓆃 Heal & transform old stories, core-wounds & subconscious patterns that are keeping you in a reactive state of depletion

𓆃 Shift your energetic field in order to attract miracles

𓆃 Reclaim, embrace & delight in your sensuality

𓆃 Practice self-love, self-care & self-awareness creatively

𓆃 Break the paradigms of old that are keeping you in toxic relationships

𓆃 Become present to, expand  & trust your intuition

𓆃 Identify your core values & boundaries with self-authority

𓆃 Become a perfectly aligned match for the love & the life you deeply desire

Emily W.

"Sapha's 1:1 Coaching has been a life-changing experience and I'll forever be grateful for her services during this huge transition chapter of my life. She's been a support system for me and I know I'll use the tools and strategies she's taught me in the future when I find myself in tough situations. She's given me mental, physical, and spiritual clarity on so many things and I love her insights. 10/10 recommend! :)"

Mindy G.

Sapha really helped me uncover some things I have buried for a long time, with compassion and kindness. It’s hard to put into words, but I feel less shame, now, than I did before. I feel more authentic in my confidence as a woman, as a person, my santosha! I feel more ‘unshakable’!

Michelle A.

I never thought I could get to know myself the way I have after talking to Sapha. Seriously, it´s scary good. Working with her has made me see myself for who I am.  All the good and bad without judgement. She has taught me how to be compassionate with my younger self, has show me how to recognize the stories I created to protect me,  and how they no longer serve me. All in all, an amazing experience. Would recommend 100%!

Your time to become the womxn you were meant to be is NOW…


Because you deserve better

Because your soul has been yearning for this

Because there is no other time than this moment

& You owe it to yourself to honor your Feminine power & self-authority so you can positively THRIVE!

Darling, womxn, you are not broken, & you are not the “roles” you play (Not the mother, sister, daughter, wife, coworker, friend, lover, etc.)


Wild, & awe-inspiring.

Worthy of devotion, profound pleasure, exquisite abundance, & fearsomely unyielding love

You know this to be true.

You can feel it in your bones, but you’ve become so certain that your worth is external, that you fear these words, & believe them to be for someone else…

Someone more… ethereal, sweet, lady-like & perfect

Well, I am here to tell you, the Goddess isn’t perfect.

She isn’t little and meek, & she sure as hell isn’t “lady-like”!

& since you’ve found your way here (I told you, you were led, & this wasn’t an accident), I know you are ready to fully step into your full potential & let go of the “what ifs”, the “how’s”, the “should’s” & “have to’s” that have been keeping you from these truths for so long

Now, close your eyes, take a deep breath, & listen to your heart

When that voice is clear, & all fears have been drowned, ask yourself these questions:

- Am I ready to become empowered, embodied & expansive?

- Am I ready to reclaim my true power, & self-authority?

- Am I ready to let go of the lack mentality that has crippled me for so long so that I can magnetize deep abundance & intimacy in all areas of my life?

- Am I ready to release the cycles of drama, toxicity & judgment that have enslaved me for so long?

- Am I ready to fall madly, deeply & truly in love with every part of myself?

- Am I ready to prioritize my pleasure, joy, & inner truth?

- Am I ready to become the womxn I was meant to be?

If your answer is a full-bodied HELL, YES!...

Then this is the place for YOU!

I am Ready to Become Embodied!

My private mentorship is a true catalyst! Here's what you get when you step into this container...


▲Weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 Zoom calls with me (depending on the package you choose)

▲Voxer (voice app) support in between calls

▲ Access to my entire Product Lounge

▲ Early access & discounts to any new programs & retreats 


Amara R.

Sapha has helped me connect with my inner soul. She has helped me to connect, heal grow into the person I want to be, not how the world tries to curate me to be. She's helped me get my power back to live and love my own journey.

Susana F.

Working with Sapha has helped me to recognize my own value as a woman. For the past 35 years I’ve been working on my self esteem. But this work has helped me to reaffirm my high value as a woman. It’s been a wonderful time spending some time with an amazing coach and growing to another level in my path. I know now know I’m a goddess!!

Samantha S.

"Sapha is absolutely the best. It is well worth your time to have consultations. Working with Sapha has improved my feelings of self-worth. Its hard sometimes to remember that we are worth WAY more than some number on a scale. Being healthy and kind to our bodies has nothing to do with that number. Sapha is amazing and I've never met anyone like her."

This Mentorship is For You If...


▲You crave personalized guidance that breaks the mold & allows you the space to rewild, reclaim, & empower YOUR inner Goddess

▲You’ve read all the self-help books, gone to every yoga festival & retreat, tried group programs & still feel like you're missing a key ingredient to fully EMBODY the womxn you were meant to be

▲You’re ready to level up in an exponential manner

▲You’re devoted to courageously showing up for yourself & doing the work. The time to believe the old paradigms & excuses is at an end

▲You want to delight in, understand & stop being afraid of your inner power, your luxurious pleasure & your wild nature


I am so ready! Sign Me Up!

Shana K.

Working with Sapha this past 3 months has been nothing short of incredible. I signed up as a recommendation from a friend who was already working with her. Time has flown by way to quickly but the changes I have seen through shadow work in myself has been astounding.

I am so grateful to Sapha!

Marlena G.

If you're looking for growth and to truly shine as bright as you should, contact Sapha!!

She provides you with growth, insight, and very specific practices. The gains are incredible

Ana Z.

"You know you have found a phenomenal coach, when you feel safe, listened to and understood. Sapha is that and so much more. In the time we have worked together, I have learned how to listen to my intuition, trust my body and embrace every part of who I am. She has reminded me of my inner power, and I couldn't ask for a better gift. Work with her, she will bring you closer to your true self than you have ever been."

Alex B.

“Working with Sapha has hands down been the best decision I made in 2018. By placing my trust in her, I've begun to feel better in my day to day life and I am learning how to nourish my body and not feel guilty or shameful when deciding what to eat. Sapha's guidance in teaching me how to listen to my body is changing my relationship with food, and is also changing the relationship I have with myself. Sapha is wonderful to work with!”

Lissette S.

"Her patience, professionalism, and encouragement are stupendous. When I started working with Sapha, I had emptied my emotional tank. I couldn't feel anything. I was numb. Sapha coached me so that I could become more aware of my feelings, & more specifically my intuition. I have been known to call her and say “Darn it Sapha, I notice everything so much more now”. I am grateful for Sapha helping me with my intuition so that I can heal."

Michelle A.

I began working with Sapha after connecting with her via social media. I came to her broken, depressed, and knee-deep in my eating disorder. After working with her, I have gained a sense of peace and calm that I did not have before. I have gained healing and freedom from a disorder and codependency that has tormented me for years. Her ability to listen and challenge me has changed my life.