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Embodied, Empowered, Transformed

Years of introspection and shadow-work allowed me to break free from the chains of my old stories, patterns, fears, and core-wounds.

This freedom has generated a life of empowered embodiment, and I am here to help you do the same!

It is my passion to help soulful womxn reclaim their power and freedom by releasing old patterns and embodying their inner Divine Feminine, so they can move out of overwhelm, remember their core values, tune in to their intuition, manifest a life of abundance, break free from resentment, and become the womxn they were meant to be!


Honoring the call of the Dive Feminine gives us all room to 'play into' and listen to the wild call of our very souls. Within this energetic reality, we have the capacity to transform, renew, empower and embody ourselves.

It is in this presence, and with an interplay of actionable steps, strategic tools, intuitive coaching, channeling, and conscious shadow-work the I help womxn become

fully embodied! 

Identify, heal, and honor your core story and wounds, honor your inner knowing and values, lean into presence without resistance, fall in love with your whole self, manifest a life of abundance, understand and embody Your Divinely Feminine Power and Archetype, and receive guidance through the kind of inner work that will allow you to rise up from the ashes! It is time for YOUR exponential growth, and it is time for the old shackles of shame, guilt, and externalization to be shattered for good. It is time for you to be FREE!

To the powerful womxn who is ready to call her power back, who is ready to stand up for herself and declare herself free from any and all things that would keep her stagnant; this is YOUR time! and this is your first step to truly becoming embodied, empowered, and transformed!

If you are a womxn who will no longer settle for less, or compromise Her growth for anyone else, then you are in the right place!

My personalized 1:1 coaching, courses, retreats, and programs create up-leveled, high-vibrational energetic shifts, and expansive growth that will help you move out of stagnation, immerse you in the fluid realm of the Divine Feminine energy and reawaken the inner-Goddess within you. - Trust me, she is there, and she is worthy of all devotion, love, expansion, prosperity, and growth! *Because YOU are worthy in all ways, at all times*

This is YOUR time to come alive, honor YOUR truth, and become the womxn you were meant to be!

Are you ready for the exponential shift?!


Today, speak to yourself with power and affirm:

"I am more than enough at all times, I am incredible just as I am in this moment. I am worthy of all love and light and I am always ready to step into my own power and remember that I AM""

~ Sapha Arias

"Working with Sapha literally changed my life in a matter of days. Not weeks or months, but DAYS. And this was just from the initial 30-minute consultation! Her ability to get right to the root of the problem with such insight and compassion is truly astonishing. There were moments when I felt like I was talking to The Goddess herself. In every moment I felt safe and held and heard in ways that I never felt with any therapist I had ever worked with in the past. This is truly heart-centered work, which I have come to understand is the only way to really heal trauma. Thank you, Sapha, endlessly. You have helped me break chains of trauma I never thought could be broken in this lifetime. "

Jennifer Sagiao

"Sapha's 1:1 Coaching has been a life-changing experience and I'll forever be grateful for her services during this huge transition chapter of my life. She's been a support system for me and I know I'll use the tools and strategies she's taught me in the future when I find myself in tough situations. She's given me mental, physical, and spiritual clarity on so many things and I love her insights. 10/10 recommend! :)"

Emily Wischnewsky

"Sapha is a bright light in my life. She has a gift for opening us up to explore places within that our “busy” daily lives don’t typically allow us to go. She promotes healing and self-love through all aspects of her presence in my life. She is a teacher and a true friend and I am a better person knowing her."

Lindsey Bunting

"Sapha really helped me uncover some things I have buried for a long time, with compassion and kindness. It’s hard to put into words, but I feel less shame, now, than I did before. I feel more authentic in my confidence as a woman, as a person, my santosha! I feel more ‘unshakable’!"

Mindy Gardner

"I began working with Sapha after connecting with her via social media. I came to her broken, depressed, and knee-deep in my eating disorder. After working with her, I have gained a sense of peace and calm that I did not have before. I have gained healing and freedom from a disorder and codependency that has tormented me for years. Her ability to listen and challenge me has changed my life. "

Michelle Arant

"Working with Sapha has helped me to recognize my own value as a woman. For the past 35 years I’ve been working on my self esteem. But this work has helped me to reaffirm my high value as a woman. It’s been a wonderful time spending some time with an amazing coach and growing to another level in my path. I know now know I’m a goddess!!"

Susana de la Fuente

"Sapha has helped me connect with my inner soul. She has helped me to connect, heal grow into the person I want to be, not how the world tries to curate me to be. She's helped me get my power back to live and love my own journey."

Amara Rogers

"Sapha is absolutely the best. It is well worth your time to have consultations. Working with Sapha has improved my feelings of self-worth. Its hard sometimes to remember that we are worth WAY more than some number on a scale. Being healthy and kind to our bodies has nothing to do with that number. Sapha is amazing and I've never met anyone like her."

Samantha Skeen

"Working with Sapha is such a delight. She is helping me be more aware of my body cues, helping me react better and also working on nutrition to make me healthier. Her patience, professionalism and encouragement are stupendous."

Lissette Smead

"If you're looking for growth and to truly shine as bright as you should, contact Sapha!! She provides you with growth, insight, and very specific practices. The gains are incredible. "

Marlena Gill

"Working with Sapha has hands down been the best decision I made in 2018. By placing my trust in her, I've begun to feel better in my day to day life and I am learning how to nourish my body and not feel guilty or shameful when deciding what to eat. Sapha's guidance in teaching me how to listen to my body is changing my relationship with food, and is also changing the relationship I have with myself. Sapha is wonderful to work with!"

Alex Blackford

"You know you have found a phenomenal coach, when you feel safe, listened to and understood. Sapha is that and so much more. In the time we have worked together, I have learned how to listen to my intuition, trust my body and embrace every part of who I am. She has reminded me of my inner power, and I couldn't ask for a better gift. Work with her, she will bring you closer to your true self than you have ever been"

Ana Zalas

"Working with Sapha the last few months has made such a positive impact in my life. I feel like I not only have a healthier view of food but also my body and mental health, something I didn't expect to receive! Sapha is empathic and cares about the well being of her clients, she believes in your growth and accomplishments. I've already referred several friends to her!"

Johnna Key

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